what is the hottest Hollywood secret?

Dermaplaning is the hottest beauty treatment that gives you an immediate glow and makes you feel nothing less than buffed, polished, and oh so smooth!  Kiss microdermabrasion good-bye.   That is the outdated way to polish the skin!  Dermaplaning involves lightly brushing the skin with a fine blade to remove the dead layers of the skin and the peach fuzz/vellus hair.  The procedure creates faster cell turnover and is very relaxing.  It can be incorporated with other in-office treatments like facials and peels so you can really pamper yourself during your appointment.  Immediately after, your skin looks dewier and feels softer and smoother.  The next day, you will notice your makeup applies better than normal.  Want some additional facts? It is great for sensitive skin patient and pregnant woman! So, give us a call to try this glowing beauty secret!

Loralee Koontz