Join the Self-love Campaign...

In today’s world, the word “self-love” is thrown around a lot. Many of us may not know what that truly means. Does it mean getting that shirt that winked at us at the store? Does it mean getting a pedicure because we have that function for our husband and our feet are in really bad shape for those sandals?

As women, we spend a lot of time caring for others. Our partners and family have an endless need of things we need to accomplish to keep their lives and our homes afloat.  For those of us in the service industry (medical professionals, hair stylists, waitresses, etc), we are constantly caring for our clients/patients in hopes they are satisfied with the service we provide. If you are a teacher, you are constantly taking care of numerous kid’s needs day to day. At the end of the day, we fall find ourselves completely drained, but with a laundry list of stuff to still do. So, putting ourselves in that list is not something we normally do.

Often, that little voice creeps in our head saying “you should go get a massage. Your lower back will feel much better” or “you should go to that yoga class. You know you will feel better when you leave. “ And just at that thought ends, your next thought is, “but, I am already feeling guilty for the thought I should do that. I have so much stuff I need to get done today. That would just make my day less productive.” Sound familiar?

That’s why I am starting a “self-love” campaign for the month of April called "SelfLoveU". April is known for its showers. And April showers, bring May flowers. And just like plants need water to flourish, you need to do things to nourish your soul, so you can flourish too. Sometimes, it’s easier when we feel like we have permission to do things. It’s like we aren’t breaking the rules and going to disappoint anyone. But believe me when I say, you are disappointing a lot of people by not taking care of yourself. It’s much, much harder to be compassionate towards others when we don’t hold ourselves in the same light. You will be a much better YOU when you make YOU a part of your to-do list. So, I hereby give you permission to indulge in those things that keep creeping in your head saying you should do! Do you desire a manicure? Will that make you feel more grounded? A Facial? Are you just wanting some face TLC? Is there a movie you really want to see? Sneak off to a matinee. 

So, self-love is not selfish. It’s a practice. It’s a practice that helps us be a better us to offer to others. And when we can love ourselves, we are able to take the love others give back to us. Treating and respecting you is a necessity. Some other tips for self-love…

1.      Make time to do what makes your heart happy!

2.      Set boundaries for others around you.

3.      Be You!

With much love,


PS-Please join in on the campaign.  Use the #SelfLoveU on your photos on Instagram when you are giving yourself some self-love.  Hopefully, this will give others ideas of how they can nourish themselves.  

Loralee Koontz