Guests who trust U South Tampa

Loralee is the best! She is very detailed in her work and is knowledgeable about skin and products. She helps me stay flawless and educated on how to correctly care for my skin. The office has such a good vibe and her staff is so sweet
— Angela Reno, Profesional Makeup Artist
Loralee is very thorough and detailed oriented with her dermal craft. I would definitely recommend her if you need any dermatological services
— Dominique Cagle
Love Loralee! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with needles in my face! I can’t say enough good things about her and her staff. Her new location is absolutely gorgeous and very welcoming.
— Ericca Levy, Tampa, Florida
Loralee is truly a one of a kind and top in her field. She always looks at the whole you and your goals and develops a plan that fits for you. Some places I have been to in beginning are looking to sell products without regard to what is too much or right for you - not Loralee. Her first priority is you, your goals and her craft. She has told me no before! I like that. She is very talented and always researching. I’ve told her she is like an artist with each person a unique canvas. I get Botox with a local neurologist for my migraines which has a certain protocol but I feel he doesn’t really understand the full aesthetics of the face thus leaving me feeling like I look a little off. So I go to Loralee to smooth out / fix this - and she does! She truly understands the body and her products. And, on top of that she is a great person. It is like visiting a friend every time I go and her new location has great energy.
— Kendall
Tara Battiato 4.jpg
Loralee’s skill and attention to detail is spectacular and no two treatments are ever the same. Loralee tailors my treatments to my needs and makes my beauty look effortless, youthful and most importantly effective. Loralee and her team are extremely knowledgeable and approachable. They allow you to voice your beauty concerns without judgement. Loralee provides consistent results without the intent of profit. I simply adore Loralee and her entire staff.
— Tara Battiato, Cheerleader Manager, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
I’ve been going to Loralee for years for Botox injections. I recently went to her for Kybella. I recommend her to everyone I know.
— Shana Helal
Great people and awesome service! Applications are just spot on and very natural...
— Susan Canonico
I have always been scared of Botox and fillers. As a matter of fact I didn’t even try them until my 40’s. Because of Loralee I look younger and I feel sexier than ever at 43. Loralee is a master at her craft because she knows just how much to inject and never goes overboard. I literally look awake, radiant, energized and happy within a couple days of leaving her office. I recommend U South Tampa, they really care about making you feel good inside and out and I appreciate how how honest and conservative they are with my skin. #LoveU
— Cynthia Levesque
Outstanding! Loralee and her team are extremely educated and consultative. I have been getting Botox and fillers for the last 10 years and it’s truly been a challenge to find someone that provides consistent results without the intent of making as much money off the client as possible. The atmosphere is beyond comfortable....absolute perfection all the way around
— Lisa Stills
She’s my worst kept secret! I’m a repeat customer going on four years, and I am not going anywhere! #lifer Everyone I’ve sent to her goes back again and again- why? Because she’s that fantastic. Botox, fillers, laser and beyond- super thorough and extremely detailed.
— Yolanda Cielo
I was just telling someone today how fantastic Loralee is and how I’ve grown to trust her immensely.
She does what is right and takes her time. Very gifted, experienced and would confidently refer anyone to her. Wonderful!!
— Kristopher Fannin
Loralee is the only person I trust with my face, not only because of her artistic eye but because she is a true perfectionist! She really listens to what my concerns are and truly cares if I’m pleased with the outcome. She is simply the BEST!
— MaryAdelle Barry
If you are contemplating on where you should go, stop now!! You’ve found the right place here at U South Tampa. Loralee is truly the best around!! Her and her staff really care about you as a person. They take their time and answer any questions you may have. Loralee is not your typical pushy ‘want to sell products’ provider. She is concerned with what’s best for you and she makes sure she is taking the best approach. You will be very happy with Loralee and you won’t regret it.
— Vanessa Montinat
Loralee is seriously the best! She never pushes me to do more than I need, and is obviously very knowledgeable when it comes to her products! She’s done Botox, Dysport & Kybella for me and I highly, highly recommend her for anyone interested in those injections!
— Ashlee Blair
Loralee is amazing!! When it comes to my appearance, she’s the only person I trust. She takes her time to ensure accuracy delivering natural results! Loralee and staff at U South Tampa go above and beyond to meet my needs. You will love this place!
— Kristin T.
Always an incredible experience. Loralee and staff are the best professionals in the area for non-surgical procedures. I’ve been going to her for three years. She is has incredible patience and always starts conservative. For me, she’s done botox, fillers, PRP and micro needling. Book well in advance. There is a reason she is busy - she’s great.
— Kris Fannin
Love U South Tampa and their wonderful staff!
— Patricia Green
Loralee is the best around. She comes with a conservative approach and gentle hand and it up front and honest with you. Highly recommend her!
— Tracey Rhoden
Loralee and her staff are some of the most professional and caring people I’ve ever encountered. They offer some of the best services around and are extremely thorough and well-trained. You are definitely in good hands here!
— Angela Johnson Llewellyn