Why do I look so tired?

Unfortunately, there is a ongoing aging cascade that is occurring no matter how well you take care of yourself and your skin. 

If you feel like you look more tired than you really are, it probably means you are in your late 30’s or older.  Welcome to the club!  As we approach and endure our 40s, we are losing all the fat that gave us all those nice full cheeks, well volumized under eyes and temples, and more.  Yes, we lose fat in the wrong place and as each year passes, we may notice that we look more tired when we look in the mirror or see photographs of ourselves.  People begin asking us if we are getting enough sleep.  Lovely!

So, what can you do to not look so tired?  I strategically place fillers in places where fat pad loss is noted.  By placing it on the cheeks, you notice restored volume in the cheeks, less tugging of the ender eyes, and a lifting of the jawline.  By placing it in the temples, your eyebrows no longer look like they are wrapping around your head nor do you resemble a peanut.  Goals!  By placing it under the eyes, your eyes look less hollow.  And the end result, a rejuvenated and less tired version of you. 

You can maintain this restoration from 1-2 years depending on the filler used. 

Schedule a consult so we can discuss the right filler to help restore your fat loss.   

Loralee Koontz