Lusting for Long Lashes?

Latisse is available to grow longer, darker, and thicker lashes.  Latisse is a liquid that is applied by a small brush before bed to the top lashes where you would apply eyeliner.  You begin to notice changes to the lashes after several weeks, but want to keep doing it daily until about 16 weeks.  After 16 weeks of Latisse use, the lashes have met their full potential.  At this time, we recommend going down to 3 x a week.   If you maintain with this regimen, they should maintain their current thickness and volume. 

Another questions I get is about the use of Latisse with lash extensions.  They can certainly be used together.  I would just not recommend using it until 48 hours after a new set has been placed.  You really want to make sure that the glue has had plenty of time to dry.  

So, what are yu waiting for?  Longer lashes are just a appliaction or two away!  Call us today!  

Loralee Koontz