Should I do Botox® or Dysport®?

I have this conversation with patients several times over the day….

“Are Botox® and Dysport® the same?"  "What is the difference between them? "How much do they cost?"

The answer is "Yes and no"!  Confusing, I know.

So here is the low down….



There is no magic ratio, but I consider 1 unit of Botox® to equal 3 u of Dysport®.  So, 20 units of Botox® will be around 60 u of Dysport®. ( This would be a standard dose in the area between the eyebrows.)  They are NOT 1:1 and if anyone tells you otherwise, you are being under treated! The molecule of Dysport® is smaller so you need more of it. Also because of the size, there is more of a possibility that Dysport® will feather or disperse beyond the treatment area.  This can aide in my treatment protocol if I would like my neuromodulator to spread over the treatment area. However, it could cause some concern if I really need it to be fixed.


This can be confusing as well especially when someone is advertising Dysport prices and calling it Botox®.  I charge $13 per unit for the Botox and $4 for unit of Dysport because I am truly charging by the Dysport® unit. Some practices try to make them “equal” and charge $13 each, but this is not the case.  You are still getting way more Dysport® units than Botox® units if they are treating you correctly.


They should last around the same time.  I truly feel it depends on the individual.

Onset of action:  

Some people feel Dysport® kicks in faster, but I feel there are mixed reviews on it.  Again, I feel this is based on the individual.

My overall opinion: 

If someone really likes that stiff feel or has really stubborn muscles, I recommend Botox®.  

If someone does not want a stiff feel and desires more motion, I recommend Dysport®.

Everyone in between, I feel could go with either product and encourage everyone to try both. They both have great Rewards Programs and are owned by very good companies!

So, give them both a try!  You can decide if YOU have a favorite!

Loralee Koontz