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U South Tampa is a skin boutique and medical spa that focuses as much on the spa as we do on the med.

Our holistic approach to beauty combines advanced cosmetic dermatology rejuvenation treatments such as Botox/Dysport and fillers, medical grade skincare products, and relaxation practices such as Reiki and mediation.

Our team will work together to help you reach your desired skin goals after listening to your skin and aging concerns,

U South Tampa's skin experts will guide you to the procedures and products that will be best for you, your skin, and your desired outcomes.

Meet Loralee


Hi! I’m Loralee Koontz.

Founder of U South Tampa, Medical Aesthetics Boutique.

I’m a certified physician assistant and I’ve worked in general and cosmetic dermatology - helping women (and men) kick back the hands of time - for over 18 years.

After so much time working in other medical offices, I wanted a place for everyone that felt more spa, less surgery center with my own personal touch. 

At U South Tampa, our holistic approach means we combine the best of advanced cosmetic dermatology with traditional Eastern philosophies and practices.  Yes, those are crystals on the table near the door.  

In other words, we think it’s perfectly acceptable to eat organic, do daily yoga or meditation, and still get injections. 

Everything in moderation, right? 

Now, women like you have a place to pop into after a grueling morning and leave looking refreshed (without a 3 week vacation to the Bahamas) because who has time for that? Hello! Mom of three young boys here! 

Some call me the Benjamin Button of Beauty, but I prefer to think of myself as a your anti-aging fairy godmother!  My syringe is my wand!  "Abracadabra" and your wrinkles are gone!

Before you ask…….

  • No, Botox won’t give you duck lips.

  • Yes, your face will still move.  

  • And, no, your neighbors don’t have to find out. Unless you want them to….

Can I fill you in on a secret?   

Your neighbors won’t judge because they’re all getting it too! 

My promise to you? 

You'll still look like you. Although, perhaps a more-well rested, younger version. 

You've heard the Fountain of Youth is in Florida. But what they didn't tell you is it's right here in South Tampa! 



"Where Inner and Outer Beauty Blossom"

U South Tampa is an oasis of balance and beauty, a skin boutique and medical spa
that offers the most advanced non-surgical cosmetic dermatology treatments such as:




PDO Threads

Vampire Facelift®



Restylane/Restylane Silk®

Skin Care/Facials





Chemical Peels

Sculptra Aesthetic®







Restylane Refyne/Defyne®



Medical Services

From Fillers to Botox/Dysport, we have a product that's perfect for you! 


Spa Services

Facials, Peels & More! Book a Spa Service at U South Tampa!


Ask Loralee

Have you always wondered why? Your questions answered!