Good Botox is Never Cheap and Cheap Botox is Never Good

Let’s talk cheap fillers, Botox, and other invasive procedures.  It is so tempting to go to a place that sells for less, but what could you be getting?  When you are paying top dollar for procedures, you are paying for two things: the materials used and the skills and education of the provider doing the procedure. Neither are not cheap!  

What could the Flea market prices by offering?

One thing you could be getting is more water than Botox-watered down.  While nothing bad (except a possible temporary droopy lid or a stroke-like appearance) is going to happen from this, it is not going to have longevity (it may actually work in the beginning, but you will run out in a few weeks).  So, if you are going to run out quicker and need a dose at a 6 week interval versus a 3 to 4 month interval, how much money have you really saved?  Not much when you are coming more often.  And in my opinion, you run the risk of developing a resistance to it when you subject yourself to neurotoxins too frequently.   

Second, you could be getting an illegal product from China!  There have been numerous warning by the FDA about unapproved versions of Botox that are potentially contaminated and unsafe. The same goes for the fillers.  And I just recently watched a 60 Minutes episode on how China is supplying US drug dealers with Fentanyl (a drug 50 times stronger than Heroin).  If China does not care about Fentanyl drugs being sold over here and killing people, they are no going to care about the exported Botox and what it can do to you!

Third, you could contract an infectious disease such as Hepatitis or HIV.  If a practitioner is offering at a considerably low cost, there is also a risk that they are using needles that are not sterile.  They could be used!  Recently, it was reported that 2 patients from a now closed spa in New Mexico contracted HIV from a microneedling procedure.  The spa was closed down in September last year after an inspection by the New Mexico Department of Health found unsafe practices that could have spread blood-borne infections, such as HIV, to clients.  Unfortunately, it was too late for these patients.  You want to see them opening needles and other packages in front of you. 

Fourth, a lopsided appearance.  Every year I continue to attend conferences and one: one trainings to better myself.  These are very expensive. However, I want to learn how to be a better provider for all of you.  If I happen to get a slight asymmetry on a treatment, I want to know how to fix it.  Many practitioners don’t invest in this mindset.  They feel once they have been taught it, they know it.  Not me!  I will forever be a student!  I owe that to all of you!  

So while we are all chasing the anti-aging dream, it should not come at a risk to your health.  Would you buy your next mammogram off Groupon? These procedures are medical procedures too.  Please, make sure you are seeing a reputable provider.  And remember, If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

XOXO Loralee 

Loralee Koontz