Bring on the Guacamole

I can not seriously eat enough of these!

If I quit my day job, I might start up a Bubba Gump Avocado Company with avocado salsa, avocado toast, avocado hummus, and more.   But seriously, I am addicted not only for the taste, but the amazing skin benefits. 

This fruit (yes, it is a fruit) is a must have for winter skin woes.  Eating a ripe one will enrich your diet with both vitamin C and E antioxidants.  I know… here I go again, but we can’t get enough antioxidant protection.  Those darn free radicals that linger around us trying to make us age faster meet their match with these little warriors. 

The healthy fat in avocados will also help keep your skin moisturized through the dry, less humid season from the inside out.  And if you are game, you can make a mask with it too!  Just mash one up apply to the skin for about 20 minutes.  It would be safe for all skin types! 

So, bring on the guacamole!!!!

XOXO Loralee

Loralee Koontz