5 Things I would Advise My Younger Self

Dear younger me, please do the following things so you can be the best version of you for years to come…

1.        Wear Sunscreen daily.  From the time you start brushing your own hair and putting on lip gloss, you should be putting SPF on your face and neck.  (Hopefully, mom is taking care of you before then) Consider it like brushing your teeth.  By getting it on every day, you will essentially slow down the aging process from one of the most powerful extrinsic aging factors, the sun.

2.       Wash your face everyday, twice a day!  Do not sleep in your makeup no matter how tired or drunk you are! I am not kidding.  Not washing your makeup off is said to age your face 7 times faster.  Say what? Yep, and not to mention you are going to clog your pores and precipitate dehydration.

3.       Beginning exercising, even if it’s just walking, in your 20s.  If you can create good exercising habits while you are young, hitting your 40s (and what all comes with that) will not be such a slap in the face because you will have good habits and will only need to make tweaks rather than lifestyle changes.

4.       Speak your feelings!  Don’t hold them back.  Set your boundaries!  You should politely tell people when you are unhappy with them.  Use your voice!  Strengthen that throat chakra!  If can learn this before you hit middle age, you will be well ahead of the curve!

5.       Take some time to yourself!  Be alone!  Learn to like your own company! Meditate! Try to carve time out of your schedule weekly for some type of self-love/self-care.  This can be something as simple as reading a book, going to yoga, getting a massage, or locking yourself in the bathroom for a relaxing bath! 

I sincerely hope you can incorporate these to your life sooner than later.  If you can, I promise you WILL be the best version of you in many aspects of your life! 

With much love and gratitude,

Your older self

Loralee Koontz