Holy Shitake! You need mushrooms in your life! 

Fun Fact…Mushrooms act more like homo sapiens than plants when it comes to their food.  They absorb their nutrients like people since they are a fungi.... according to my college biology professor! Hmmmmm!

Mushrooms offer a good bit of nutritional benefits.  They are a great source of B vitamins, trace minerals, fiber, protein and have great immune boosting properties.  When my dog was diagnosed with cancer years ago, concentrated mushroom capsules were one of my first go-to resources. 

They are also known to help with inflammation and to fight free radicals with their antioxidants.  This had been carried over into the topical cosmeceutical industry for years.  Kojic acid (a hydroquinone alternative) and ergothioneine are ingredients used in topical products for lightening unwanted pigment and fighting the signs of aging skin, respectively. We offer several products that house these ingredients in abundant supply including the SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense and the Alastin Skincare Restorative Cream.  These are two very popular products our guests love and we are constantly restocking. 

Now, not all mushrooms are the same.  You can’t limit yourself to one mushroom and expect all the benefits.  As with life, variety is key!  Do some research on your concern  and look into what mushroom type would be best to address your concern.  Look at Shitake, Oyster, White, and Reishi. And get some mushrooms in your life!  Beneficial fungi rock and prevents whether you are eating, using topically, or taking in a pill form!  



Loralee Koontz