Laugh Lines are Not so funny

They are about as comical as hitting your funny bone!

Why do you get these annoying lines?

After years of smiling, laughing, and skin thinning, cheeks begin to show where all those great laughs landed. This can be equated to the 11’s in-between the brows.  If you constantly bend the skin in a certain way, wrinkles will develop.  It’s just like folding a piece of paper.  However, where Botox/Dysport/Xeomin can be used to treat those 11’s, they cannot be used to treat these smile lines or an unwelcomed side effect leading to you looking like a stoke victim may arise. 

Not cool, I know! 

So, what’s a girl to do? 

This is when I hold the silver platter in front of you, gently lifting the lid, and in a Vanna White-like action gesture at the Restylane Refyne!  Refyne is one of the newest products launched by Galderma last year.  I absolutely love, love, love this filler.  It has XpresHAn Technology which translate into movement ability.  It moves with you when you smile so you are not going to feel or look like you have lumpy filler in a thin delicate area on your cheek.  I like to think of it  as having slinky-like ability.  Studies have even proven that it helps maintain movement and expression. 

So, if you are finding your laugh lines are becoming a thorn in your side, consider Restylane Refyne to help refine your laugh lines.

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XOXO Loralee


Loralee Koontz