What is the best beauty product you can invest in at any age?

Want to know the best beauty product to spend your money on?   (drum roll please) The best investment for beauty is sunscreen.  The sun is one of the number of extrinsic factors that age us.  So protecting from it on a daily basis is a must.  Did you hear that? Protecting from it on a DAILY basis is a must.  That means even if you are planning to stay inside all day, you should wear it.  We get sun through windows. Lots of it!  The car is not safe without sunscreen.  So, if you think your protected in your sunroom reading a book while snuggled up on a lounge chair, think again.  Your aging yourself while drifting off into fantasy-land with your most favorite author. 

Did you also know that when you go up in a plane, you are getting more UV exposure? Pilots are very prone to skin cancers on heir faces.  So, it makes since if we are at a higher elevation, we definitely need sunscreen. And if you are snow skiing on a mountain (higher elevation), you really, really need it.  The snow acts just like the ocean and reflects those rays back into your face.

So, rain or shine, sleet or snow, get that sunscreen on.  That sounds a little like a US postal service commercial, but sunscreen will be your best investment if you apply daily and reapply when appropriate.  I promise!  Call the office to find out what are our favorite sunscreens we offer.  It’s one of our favorite things to talk about.


Loralee Koontz