Will getting fillers be worth it?

A common fear about fillers is “Will it be worth it?”  The answer can be complicated. 

First, you want to go to a very experienced injector. You can shop for several things, but your face should not be one of them! Otherwise, you may spend more money getting it corrected than you did getting it in there.

Second, if you don’t do enough, you will not be satisfied. I make my patients save up to do enough rather than do something where I know they will not be pleased. To be satisfied, you should plan on doing 1 syringe/vial per decade of life plus or minus 1. For example, you will need to budget for 4-6 of something if you are 52. That would not be injected all at one time, but over a 3-6 month window perhaps. 

So as long as you stay conservative, go slow, and go to a very experienced injector, you should LOVE your filler results! And you should wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. 

Loralee Koontz