Our Perceived Weakness is Often Our Strength

Who else has felt different from others? I have always felt different and did not understand why until later, much later in life. I realized I was different because I am an empath. What does that mean? I feel your pain. You can tell me about your arm hurting and I will feel it too. You can start to cry and I will cry with you. I feel your sadness. I get overwhelmed in crowded places because I can feel the energies of others. Hospitals have always been difficult for me. There is so much energy there. And it’s generally not so happy energy. I cannot watch violent or suspenseful movies because I feel as if I am in that movie and being chased by the bad guys. I cannot read or listen to the news. The sadness overwhelms me. I constantly cheer for the underdog. I am an excellent listener and even strangers will want to talk to me about their issues. Animals flock to me even as a young child. If I do not get some alone time every day, I feel as if I will explode. I live by truth and allow my heart to guide me.

Where you may not think any of that sounds weird…imagine all of it together! Imagine egoistical, unemphatic employers finding things that aren’t normal to them and they bully you about it. I have had employers tell me that I am crazy and weird that I care so much for my patients. And that I am just not normal. 

Well, I have realized over the years, that the perceived weakens is actually my super power. I treat every patient as if I am treating myself. My patients feel my authenticity. They trust me and tell me this often. It takes a lot of trust to let someone handle your face! Right?

Anywho, I hope this gives each of you a little nudge to embrace your perceived weakness and realize it just may be your actual strength. Because deep down, we really are all super heroes! 
PS-I wish I had a picture of me in a super hero costume to put here! 💕💕💕
XOXO Loralee

Loralee Koontz