Can Stress Age You?

Have you ever reviewed the pictures of the president as they went through office? I noticed as a young girl how fast a president of the United States aged when they were in office.  And heaven help them if they were in for two terms!  I mean if you are carrying the weight of the country on your back for several years, I guess that could cause a few sleepless nights and ultimately lead to some serious scowl lines. Luckily, we don’t have the weight of the country or the world on our back, but our family, clients, and employees can all be depending on us.  And at times, it can be quite overwhelming and feel like the world is depending on us.


    Freeing slaves can really take its toll!

Learning how to put it all in perspective can help.  First, is this a life or death situation?  (If so, turn away from the device and call 911 immediately!)   Luckily, most of the time (if not all), if feels a lot bigger than it is.  Remind yourself of that.  Second, can we get through it with some laughter? That makes everything better.   Remember, sometimes we have to laugh at our self.  Third,  how can you clear your head as to make a better decision?  What’s your form of meditation? Ohmmmmm…..sitting on the pillow, running, painting, singing, dancing?  Just do it so you can make this “big” decision from the heart and not he head.  Once you make the decision, be good with it!  Don’t question your decision and live in the past!  Full speed ahead, Matey! 

Don’t let the world weigh on your shoulders.  It will age you too fast!  Let the president worry for us!  That’s why we elect them, right? Try to…de-stress….unwind…chilax!



Loralee Koontz