What kind of products do I need?

What kind of products do you need versus should you be using are the question. 

If you are acne prone, you should focus on fixing that before diving into anti-aging skincare.  I always think about fixing medical problems first and then adding the anti-aging components after the medical problem has been addressed.  The nice thing is some products do address several skin issues. 

The next thing to take into consideration is the age.  Obviously, younger patients need less stuff because they have less to correct from and aging standpoint.  When you are young, using good skincare will help you arrest the aging process in some ways. 

All the products we offer have science that back them.  You are getting products that have been scrutinized in the lab and typically evaluated on biopsied skin to see just what it is doing on the cellular level.  It's not just hearsay of what people report their skin to be doing.  

Scheduling a consult with our aesthetician can help you get the right products on your bathroom counter.  And between now and then, use your sunscreen everyday.  It's the best anti-aging product you can purchase!


Loralee Koontz